Jewish Services - Bris - Baby Naming Bris/Baby Naming - Rabbi Koppell will work with you to custom
design a unique ceremony to welcome your precious child.
Jewish Services - Bar - Bat Mitzva Bar/Bat Mitzva - Rabbi Koppell provides tutoring in Torah and Haftara
cantillation, assistance with preparation of a dvar Torah speech, and will
create a service to inspire the guests at your celebration.
Jewish Services - Wedding Wedding - Rabbi Koppell is frequently sought after as a wedding officiant.
Her insights into marriage and her thoughtful perspective on the ceremony
are always a highlight of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Jewish Services - Funeral Funeral - At the end of our journey, how can we summarize and reflect
on the enduring impact of our loved ones?  Rabbi Koppell will craft a
eulogy focusing on the legacy we come together to honor.
Jewish Professional Writing Services Professional writing services - Rabbi Koppell is available to assist you
with all your writing needs- letters, sermons, and bulletin articles. 
Rabbi Bonnie Koppell -
Phone: 602-628-1728 

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You are so wonderful- how did
we get so lucky to have you in
our lives?!  You have a
remarkable ability to be there
every time my heart has
reached out.  “Thank you”
hardly seems like
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A letter to Jewish citizens of America
During my recent book tour I signed more than 10,000 books and was interviewed on 100 news media outlets.* The high point for me was a meeting
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