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Pardes Jewish Day School Students Reflect on Parshat Bo

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Go to Pharaoh.  For I have hardened his heart’.”

Exodus 10:1


  1. What is good about being hard-hearted? When might it be important?

Sometimes you need to stand up to a bully- Grades K-4

When friends are pressuring you to do something you shouldn’t do and you need to say no.- Grades 5-8


“Moses replied, ‘We will all go, young and old:  we will go with our sons and daughters. . .’”

 Exodus 10:9


1.  Why was it important for young people AND old people to go?

All the people needed to be free.- Grades K-4


2.  Do you feel like you are an important part of the Jewish community today?

Yes- because I get to go to the Pardes Jewish School.- Grades K-4


3.  What can the Jewish community do to make young people feel MORE welcome?

Make Chanukkah 9 nights!-Grades K-4

More really cool parties with lights and video games and the latest technology.- Grades 5-8


4.  When might it be appropriate to have adult-only or children-only get togethers?

A wine auction.- Grades 5-8

NEVER!- Grades 5-8


“This day shall be to you one of remembrance:  you shall celebrate it as a festival (Passover) to God throughout the ages.”

 Exodus 12:14


  1. What is one aspect of freedom that you really appreciate?

Being able to go to whatever school I choose.-Grades  K-4


2.  What do you love most about Passover?

Spring Break!- Grades 5-8


3.  Why is it so important to remember being slaves in Egypt?

So that we always remember to be grateful and appreciative of God’s role.- Grades 5-8


4.  What is one special thing that your family does at the Passover seder?

The whole family, even those from out of state, AND friends, celebrate together and it is super-fun!- Grades 5-8

Dad dresses up like Pharaoh and we throw ping pong balls at him to demonstrate the plague of hail.- Grades 5-8

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