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The Twitter Torah- The Entire Torah, Chapter by Chapter, in 140 Character Tweets

Updated: Dec 9, 2023



Gn 1-God creates world. Light, sky, land, plants, animals. Humans in God’s image- be fertile and increase. Six days. God says it is good.


Gn 2-God rests. Not good for man to be alone. Woman formed from his rib. Don’t eat fruit of tree of knowledge of good/evil or you will die.


Gn 3-Serpent tempts woman to eat. She eats/man eats. Punishment- serpent crawl, woman pain in birth, man must work. Leave Garden of Eden.


Gn 4- Cain and Abel born. Abel’s sacrifice accepted/not Cain’s. Cain kills Abel. God asks, “Where is he?” “Am I my brother’s keeper?”


Gn 5-Lots of people born. Methusaleh lives to 969- oldest in Bible. Noah is born and has 3 sons- Shem, Ham, Japeth. He is 500 years old.


Gn 6-God sees human evil. Will destroy humanity, except for Noah who is righteous in his generation/walks with God. Noah told to build ark.


Gn 7-Noah-take 7 pair of clean animals/2 pr of unclean onto ark. Forty days and nights of rain. Everything dies except Noah and family.


Gn 8-Flood waters recede. Noah sends raven/dove. Dove finds dry land. Family/animals exit ark. Sacrifices made. God commits not to destroy.


Gn 9- Permission to eat animals. Rainbow sign of covenant. Capital punishment for murder. First vineyard-Noah gets drunk. Noah dies at 950.


Gn 10-Lots more people born to Noah’s descendants, Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Nimrod and Canaan among them. Humanity expands geographically.


Gn 11-People begin building Tower of Babel. God gives each a different language to confound process. Terach and his son Avram are born.


Gn 12-God tells Avram and Sarai to leave home and become a blessing to the world. Avram lies to Pharaoh, claiming his wife is his sister.


Gn 13-Avram and his nephew Lot separate. Lot goes to Sodom, a wicked place. God promises the land to Avram and his numerous descendants.


Gn 14-Lot captured in war. Avram does battle with 5 kings. Melchizedek blesses Avram. Avram refuses any spoils of battle, only captives.


Gn 15- God blesses Avram. Avram wants a child. God promises numerous offspring. Avram sees a vision of future enslavement of the people.


Gn 16-Sarai offers Hagar as consort with Avram. Tension ensues. Hagar runs away, sees vision, returns. Ishmael born and promised a nation.


Gn 17-Name change- Avram/Avraham, Sarai/Sarah. Covenant with God reiterated, circumcision at 8 days old to be the sign. Avram is 99.


Gn 18-Avraham/Sarah greet 3 guests who announce coming birth of a child. God tells A. God will destroy Sodom. A. challenges God’s justice.


Gn 19-2 Angels arrive Sodom. Lot shelters them. City to be destroyed; family flees. Lot’s wife looks back, turns to pillar of salt.


Gn 20-Meeting King Avimelech, Abraham claims that Sarah is his sister (again). Avimelech finds out and sends them off with lots of stuff.


Gn 21-Isaac is born. Conflict with Hagar and Ishmael. They are sent away God hears his cry and promises to make Ishmael a great nation.


Gn 22-God calls on Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham says, “Here I am.” Isaac is saved and Abraham is blessed. Ram sacrificed instead.


Gn 23-Sarah dies at 127. Abraham negotiates to buy burial place- cave of Machpelah in the field of Ephron the Hittite. Sarah buried there.


Gn 24-Abraham sends servant Eliezer to find wife for Isaac. He identifies Rebekah for her kindness. She and her family agree and they marry.


Gn 25-Abraham marries Keturah-6 sons. Abraham dies at 175-buried. Isaac blessed. Ishmael dies at 137. Rebekah gives birth twins Esau/Jacob.


Gn 26-Isaac claims Rebekah as his sister. Avimelech finds out, protects them. God appears, blesses family. Esau marries 2 women at age 40.


Gn 27-Isaac old. Wants to bless Esau. Rebekah and Jacob deceive him. Isaac blesses Jacob. Esau hurt and angry. Jacob forced to flee.


Gn 28-Jacob has vision of ladder to heaven. Awesome. God is in this place. Blessed-I will be with you. Sets up pillar, names place Bethel.


Gn 29-Jacob mts Rachel, love. Works 7 years for her hand. Uncle Laban marries him to Leah. Jacob upset. Rachel infertile. Leah has 4 sons.


Gn 30-Rachel gives Jacob concubines Bilha/Zilpa. More sons. 1 daughter. Rachel bears Joseph. Family to return home. Jacob accumulates flock.


Gn 31-Family flees. Rachel steals and hides household gods. Laban pursues-wants family and flocks back. Accusations made, then peace treaty.


Gn 32-Jacob/Esau reunion. Jacob divides camp, sends gifts, prays. Jacob wrestles angel-name changed to Israel/wrestle with God. Jacob limps.


Gn 33-Jacob and Esau reunited/kiss. Jacob offers gifts. Esau offers to travel together. Jacob declines- women/children/flocks too slow.


Gn 34-Shechem wants Jacob’s daughter Dinah-forces her. Her brothers agree if all their men circumcised. During recovery, brothers slay men.


Gn 35-God tells Jacob go to Bethel- gives him blessing. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin on road to Bethlehem. Jacob/Esau bury Isaac.


Gn 36-Family line of Esau-Edomites, Horites. Separates from Jacob-too numerous for land together. 11 clans named and places of settlement.


Gn 37-Jacob favors Joseph-special coat. Joseph shares dreams with brothers. In anger they sell him to Midianites. Jacob thinks him dead.


Gn 38-Tamar young widow. Denied marriage to husband’s brother. Tamar has sex with Judah. Pregnant. Accused of harlotry yet child is his.


Gn 39-Joseph in Egypt-home of Potiphar. Trusted servant. Wife falsely accuses him of rape. Joseph thrown in prison. Joseph put in charge.


Gn 40-Joseph accurately interprets dreams of cupbearer and baker. Baker killed. Cupbearer restored to court. He forgets Joseph when back.


Gn 41-Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams-cows/sheaves. 7 of plenty, then famine. Joseph in charge. Joseph marries-2 kids. Ephraim/Manasheh.


Gn 42-Jacob sends sons to Egypt for food. Joseph recognizes them. They don’t know him. Joseph entertains/tests brothers. Asks for Benjamin.


Gn 43-Famine. Brothers to Egypt with Benjamin. Judah responsible. Joseph seats them in birth order-brothers shocked. Joseph asks about dad.


Gn 44-Joseph plants cup in Benjamin’s bag. Accuses him of theft. Judah stands up for Benjamin, explains concerns for Jacob’s well-being.


Gn 45-Joseph reveals identity- asks about Jacob. Invites family to Egypt due to famine. Jacob learns Joseph is alive-heads to Egypt.


Gn 46-God appears to Jacob on journey- “Okay, go!” 70 members of family arrive. Meet Pharoah-family business, shepherds. Settle Goshen.


Gn 47-Jacob meets Pharoah- whines. Famine everywhere. Egypt grows rich as source of food. 17 years pass. Jacob wants to be buried in Canaan.


Gn 48- Jacob ill and dying, blesses Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Menasheh. Promises they will leave Egypt and return home, with God’s help.


Gn 49-Jacob calls sons together-tells each one their fate/blessing. 12 tribes. Requests burial with ancestors, cave of Machpelah. He dies.


Gn 50-Family goes home to bury Jacob. Joseph forgives brothers for selling him in to slavery. Joseph dies at 110, also wants burial at home.



Ex 1-New king doesn’t remember Joseph. Threatened by Israelites. Decrees kill male kids. Midwives Shifra/Puah disobey his order. Heroic.


Ex 2-Moses’ mother hides him. Miriam helps. Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grows, kills man beating Hebrew slave. Flees to Midian.


Ex 3-Moses notices burning bush. God tells him to free Israelites. God’s name revealed- “I will be what I will be.” Ehyeh asher ehyeh.


Ex 4-Moses says no. God insists-gives him signs+ take brother Aaron. Father-in-law- go. Wife Tzippora circumcises Moses. People believe.


Ex 5-Pharaoh refuses request to leave for ceremony. Makes life harder for slaves-bricks without straw. Israelites angry at Moses and Aaron.


Ex 6-God revealed as YHWH. God remembers covenant and promises deliverance. Moses still reluctant to go- claims not to speak well enough.


Ex 7- Moses/Aaron perform signs. Magicians do same. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. 1st plague- Nile turned to blood. Announce 2d plagues-frogs.


Ex 8- 3d-lice. Pharaoh still says no. 4th-insects. None in Goshen with Israelites. Pharaoh says go, then says no again when insects gone.


Ex 9-5th-cattle disease. Not Israelites. 6th-boils. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. 7th-hail. Pharaoh begs for relief. Hail stops, says no.


Ex 10-Advisors- let them go! 8th-locusts eat everything. Go/don’t go. 9th-darkness. God hardens Pharaoh’s heart; dismisses Moses last time.


Ex 11- Final plague coming-death of 1st born. Israelites to borrow gold and silver from Egyptians before exodus. Egyptians in awe of Moses.


Ex 12-Mark doorposts with lamb’s blood. Eat in haste. 7 days of Passover-no leavened bread. First born die. Pharaoh says, “Go.” Freedom.


Ex 13-Remember exodus. Sign on hand, frontlets between eyes. Firstborns dedicated to God. God leads-Pillar of cloud by day, fire at night.


Ex 14-Egyptians pursue, Israelites scared. Moses extends arm-waters of Red Sea part. Israelites escape. Pharaoh and his chariots drown.


Ex 15-Moses and Israelites sing of victory. Miriam leads women with timbrel in song/dance. People complain of bitter water. Moses/God fix.


Ex 16-People complain, miss Egypt food. God sends quail and manna. Taste like coriander. Don’t collect manna on 7th day. Manna for 40 years.


Ex 17-People complain no water. Moses angry. He hits rock and brings forth water. Amalek attacks. Aaron and Hur hold Moses’ arms up-victory.


Ex 18-Father-in-law Jethro brings Moses his wife & sons. Tells him to delegate leadership/judgment-can’t do it all himself. Moses listens.


Ex 19-3 months later people at Sinai. Get ready-be pure. People agree to do God’s will. Mountain ablaze, only Aaron and Moses to approach.


Ex 20-10 commandments-God/idols/name in vain/Sabbath/honor parents/no-murder, steal, adultery, false witness/covet. Thunder/lightening.


Ex 21-More laws-slavery/murder vs. manslaughter/kidnapping/strike or curse parent/cause miscarriage/an eye for an eye/goring ox/open pit.


Ex 22-More laws-borrowing/seduction/sorcery/bestiality/don’t oppress stranger, widow, orphan- be holy! Don’t eat animal torn by wild beasts.


Ex 23-More laws- no rumors/help enemy’s animal/no bribes/no oppress stranger/7th year land rest/Sabbath/3 festivals/no kid in mother’s milk.


Ex 24-People- “All that God has commanded we will do.” 12 pillars for 12 tribes. Moses goes to top of the mountain for 40 days and nights.


Ex 25-God-gather materials for sanctuary from volunteers. God- “that I may dwell among them.” Instructions for ark and all the materials.


Ex 26-More construction materials. Gold/silver/copper/acacia wood, blue, purple, crimson thread. Build Holy of Holies and furnishings.


Ex 27-Build altar and tent per revealed design. Aaron and his sons to set up olive oil lamp- should burn from morning to evening daily.


Ex 28-Vestments for priests-Aaron and his 4 sons. Breastplate includes Urim and Thumim. Bells/pomegranates around hem. “Holy to God.”


Ex 29-Sacrifices to ordain Aaron and his 4 sons. Anoint them with blood on ridge of right ear, thumb of right hand, big toe of right foot.


Ex 30-Altar for incense, offer daily. Each Israelite pay ½ shekel. Make special anointing oil only for this purpose. Recipe for oil/incense.


Ex 31-Bezalel in charge of construction. Must rest on 7th day, Sabbath, reminder of creation, no work. Tablets written by finger of God.


Ex 32-People impatient-Aaron suggest golden calf. God wants to destroy people. Moses intercedes, angry, breaks tablets. 3000 die in plague.


Ex 33-Israelites stiff-necked. God and Moses@Tent of Meeting. Joshua appears. Moses asks to meet God face to face. Can only see God’s back.


Ex 34-2 new tablets. God’s 13 attributes. Covenant-promise of land. Laws repeated. Moses on mountain 40 days. When returns his face shines.


Ex 35-Reminder-Sabbath-no work/no fire. Skilled volunteers to build sanctuary and priestly vestments under direction of Bezalel and Oholiab.


Ex 36-Many gifts brought for project.-“The people are bringing more than enough! Stop!” Construction proceeds with many skilled artisans.


Ex 37-Ark and cherubim/Table/Utensils/Lamp-6 branches./Incense altar/Poles. Acacia wood overlaid with gold. Oil and incense blended.


Ex 38-Altar for burnt offerings/utensils. Copper basin/Wall hangings. Moses orders and conducts an accounting of the donated materials.


Ex 39-Priestly vestments completed. Hem-pomegranate/bell. Work completed per God’s instructions to Moses. Moses sees and blesses the people.


Ex 40-Tabernacle/Tent assembled. Priests anointed. Cloud covers tent. Israelites travel when the cloud lifts. Fire replaces cloud at night.




Lv 1-Laws re: burnt offerings/olah. Herd/Flock/Bird. Male-no blemish. Lay hands on offering. Blood dashed on altar. Offering totally burnt.


Lv 2-Laws re: grain offering/mincha. Flour/Oil/Frankincense. Priests eat part. No honey or leaven. Offerings must include salt. 1st fruits.


Lv 3-Laws re: sacrifice of well-being/shelamim. Various animals. An offering of “pleasing odor.” Law for all time- do not eat fat or blood.


Lv 4-Laws re: sin offering/asham. Provision for unwitting wrong done by priest/community/leader/individual. Expiation made and sin forgiven.


Lv 5-Laws re: guilt offering/chatat. Realize guilt/confess/bring offering. Examples of sins listed. Restitution to injured party required.


Lv 6-Priests clean up ashes. Reminder- burn perpetual fire. Male priests may eat some- not sin offering. Priest’s offering upon dedication.


Lv 7-More detail re: sacrifices. Thanksgiving offering eat in 2 day. Well-being 3 days. Do not eat animals that died or were torn by beasts.


Lv 8-Aaron and his sons dressed and dedicated. First bring own sin-offering. Anoint right ear/thumb/big toe. Ordination lasts seven days.


Lv 9-8th day- Aaron/sons offer own offering and people’s offering. Aaron blesses people. Both bless people. God’s Presence appears to all.

Lv 10-Aaron’s sons, Nadav/Avihu offer strange fire. Die immediately-fire from God. No alcohol for priests when in Tent. Aaron silent.


Lv 11-Kosher animals-split hoof/chew cud; fish-fins and scales; birds-see list. Some insects ok. Laws re: utensils. Don’t eat/don’t touch.


Lv 12-Women ritually impure after childbirth. 7 days for a male +33- 8th day circumcision. 2 wks for female- +66. Bring atonement offering.


Lv 13-Priests diagnose skin ailments. Various types described. Afflicted person proclaims, “Unclean, unclean.” Also eruptions in fabric.


Lv 14-Ritual of purifying afflicted person, house, or fabric. Cedar wood, scarlet wool, hyssop, offerings. 2 birds. Shave/Bathe/Anointing.


Lv 15-Ritual for male/female discharges. Vessels/furniture. Woman separated during menstruation-no sex! Cleansing/Purification Offerings.


Lv 16-Day of Atonement ritual. One goat offered to God. Other sent to wilderness/Azazel-with sins of the people. 10th day of 7th month.


Lv 17-Only Aaron and his sons can preside over offerings. Do not consume blood. No blood! Blood is soul-you will be cut off if you eat it!


Lv 18-Don’t follow Egyptian practices. Prohibited sexual relationships-stay away from long list of relatives. No homosexuality/bestiality.


Lv 19-Be holy-many ways. Care for poor/stranger. Be in awe of God. No favoritism. Don’t hate/do rebuke. Respect elders. Agricultural laws.


Lv 20-No sacrifice of child/Molech worship. No curse parents. More sex laws. No consulting spirits. Stay holy in order to inherit the land.


Lv 21-Special rules for priests re: mourning/marriage. Priest can’t officiate if have physical blemish-examples given. Can eat privately.


Lv 22-Rules re: unclean priests/priests’ daughters. Animals offered may not have blemishes. Must eat thanksgiving offering same day.

Lv 23-Sabbath/Passover/Count omer 49 days/50th day Shavuot. 7th month 1st day-holiday/shofar-introspection. 10th day 7th month- atonement.


Lv 24-Oil menorah. Showbread. Man blasphemes God. Death penalty. Death penalty for murder. Make compensation for animal. Eye for eye. . .


Lv 25-7th year land rests-sabbatical. 50th year-jubilees-shofar-proclaim freedom. Land reverts to original owner. Must care for stranger.


Lv 26-Obey God-all will go well-rain/safety/peace. Disobey-major awful threats-exile. Ultimately God will remember covenant and forgive.


Lv 27-Description of various voluntary offerings-house/field/animal. Valuation of individuals re: vows. The commandments God gave Moses.




Nu 1-Census of tribes-males age 20+ All who can bear arms. Not Levites-in charge of Tabernacle. Each tribe camps together with own flag.


Nu 2-Tribal organization-north, south, east, west. Number of members for each tribe listed. As they camp, so shall they march, by tribe.


Nu 3-Genealogy of Aaron/Moses. Tribe of Levi to assist priests. Levites dedicated to God in place of first-borns. 5 shekels per first-born.


Nu 4-Levites serve age 30-50. 3 clans identifited- Kohathites, Gershonites, Merarites. Work responsibilities assigned to each clan.


Nu 5-Repeat re: discharges. Wrong to others=break faith with God. Make restitution. Ritual for woman suspected of adultery, called- “Sotah”


Nu 6-Rules re: Nazirite-vow no wine, etc/no haircut. Aaron bless people-God watch over/God’s face shine upon-grace/God’s face lifted-peace.


Nu 7-Dedication of Tabernacle. Each tribe brings same offering-each one mentioned individually. Moses hears voice of God from above the ark.


Nu 8-Gold lamp with 7 branches. Dedication ceremony for Levites. Serve ages 25-50 in place of first-borns. Can help after that-not work.


Nu 9-Passover sacrifice prescribed. If unclean, can do it next month. Strangers participate. Follow on journey-cloud by day/fire at night.


Nu 10-Silver trumpets-various calls described. Order of march-tribe. Moses’ father-in-law departs. Ark precedes people-“Enemies scatter.”


Nu 11-People complain re: food. God angry/Moses upset. Eat quail for 30 days. Eldad/Medad prophesying. People concerned. Moses not jealous.


Nu 12-Aaron/Miriam talk against Moses’ Cushite wife. God reprimands. Miriam punished with scales. Moses prays for her-healed. 7 day punish.


Nu 13-12 spies sent to scout land-40 days. 10 say no attack-looked like grasshoppers to selves/so must have to them. Caleb/Joshua dissent.


Nu 14-People say want to die in desert. God ready to comply. Moses begs for forgiveness for them. Okay, but 40 years of wandering decreed.


Nu 15-More on sacrifices. One law for native and stranger. Death penalty for Sabbath violator. Commandment re: tzitzit/fringes on garment.

Nu 16-Korach incites rebellion. Decide- stand with Korach’s 250 people or Moses? Korach and supporters swallowed up by earth-hand of God.


Nu 17-More rebels- God wants to destroy people. Anger abated-14,700 die. Moses authority demonstrated by miraculous sprouting of his staff.


Nu 18-Aaron and sons in charge of sanctuary. Levites to assist. Offerings for all assigned. Tithe established-1/10th of gifts to Levites.


Nu 19-Mysterious ritual of red cow established. Ashes used for cleansing. Used for purification of anyone who has contact with the deceased.


Nu 20-Miriam dies. People complain-no water. Moses hits rocks, calls people rebels. Moses punished-no enter land. Aaron dies-mourn 30 days.


Nu 21-More whining-many die of serpent bites sent by God. Moses makes copper serpent for healing. More war-Israelites triumph in battles.


Nu 22-Balak hires Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam reluctant but ultimately persuaded. Talking ass tries to stop him. Angel tells Balaam-go.


Nu 23-Balak and Balaam try to curse Israel. Instead of curses, God puts words of blessing in his mouth. Balak- “No curse/no bless- shut up.”


Nu 24-Balaam’s words of blessing-“Ma Tovu-how goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel.” Balak and Balaam head home.


Nu 25-Israelite men with Moabite women. Leaders killed. Zimr/Cosbi public. Pinchas zealous-stabs both. Receives pact of shalom/priesthood.


Nu 26-Plague ends. Census of men age 20+ Each tribe allotted portion of land. Total 601,730. No land for 23,000 Levites. All die in desert.


Nu 27-Daughters of Tzlophchad petition Moses for land-no sons/unfair. Moses unsure. God tells Moses yes. Joshua appointed to succeed Moses.


Nu 28-Reminder of all regular sacrificial offerings-daily/Shabbat/new moon/Passover- also-unleavened bread 7 days/Feast of Weeks=Shavuot.


Nu 29-Holiday offerings continued-New Year=Rosh HaShanah/Day of Atonement=Yom Kippur/Booths=Sukkot/8th Day of Assembly=Shemini Atzeret


Nu 30-Rules re: making vows. Man’s vows stand on own. Women’s father/husband must approve when he finds out, unless she is divorced/widowed.


Nu 31-Military campaign against the Midianites. Women/children/animals/stuff= booty. Troops undergo purification. Stuff inventoried/shared.


Nu 32-Gad&Reuben request to stay on other side of Jordan. Okay if leave families and flocks/fight with rest of Israel in conquest of land.


Nu 33-Geography of journey listed. Aaron ascends Mt. Hor and dies at age 133. People warned to dispossess inhabitants of land in conquest.


Nu 34-Boundaries of promised land described. Clan chiefs named for division of land. 2 ½ tribes on other side of Jordan, 9 ½ in Canaan.


Nu 35-Assign 6 towns to Levites-serve as cities of refuge for manslayers. Capital punishment for intentional murder-blood pollutes the land.


Nu 36-Daughters of Tzlophchad may keep land if marry within clans in their tribe- keep land in tribe. They do so. Israelites at Jericho.




Dt 1-Moses final address begins: reviews journey/asks God’s blessing on Israel/complaining/delegated leadership/spies/Joshua&Caleb survive.


Dt 2-Into wilderness thru Sea of Reeds. Many battles along way-38 years. Warriors die off. Other nations in dread and fear of Israelites.


Dt 3-More winning battles reviewed. Joshua told-do not fear, God with you. Moses asks again to enter land. God-no, don’t bring it up again!


Dt 4-Keep laws/don’t add or subtract. Other nations will admire you. Be careful of negative influence when enter land-you will be punished.


Dt 5-Covenant made with this/future generations. Ten Commandments given to Moses-repeated. Be careful to do exactly as instructed by God.


Dt 6-“Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echad- Hear O Israel, YHWH is your God, YHWH is One.” Teach kids/Phylacteries/Doorposts-Mezuzah


Dt 7-Don’t intermarry with the 7 nations-will lead to idolatry. God will be angry. Destroy their places of worship. Small nation-be holy.


Dt 8-40 yrs. in wilderness-no hunger-“Man does not live by bread alone.” Coming to land of 7 species. Lots of food- eat and give thanks.


Dt 9-God dispossessing inhabitants- their sin, not your righteousness. Reminder of lots of rebellions. Golden calf/tablets destroyed.


Dt 10-Two new tablets. Moses on mt. 40 days. God great-no bribery-care for orphan/widow/stranger. Be in awe of, follow, and serve only God.


Dt 11-Remember miracles in wilderness. Obey commandments & enjoy blessings- rain-food/wine/oil. Others awe of you. Choice-blessing/curse.


Dt 12-Destroy idolatrous sites in land. Centralize sacrifice. Kosher animals-no blood! Do what is good & right in God’s sight. No idolatry.


Dt 13-Don’t believe prophet who says worship other gods. No evil. Capital punishment-no mercy, even for relative. Destroy idolatrous town.


Dt 14-Don’t desecrate body for dead. Reminder of kosher criteria. Bring tithe or monetary equivalent-feast/rejoice. Take care of Levite.


Dt 15-7th yr. no debts. Care for needy-open hand to poor. Care for Hebrew slave when done with service. Pierce ear if they want to stay.


Dt 16-Passover-no leaven. 7 weeks-Feast of Weeks. Feast of Booths. Pilgrimage 3x year. Cops and judges-“Justice, justice shall you pursue”.


Dt 17-Investigate idolatry-death penalty. Burn out evil from your midst. Rules for kings-must have own copy of Torah and observe its laws.


Dt 18-Levites no territory-portion of offering. No child sacrifice. Don’t consult ghosts, be a soothsayer, etc. Listen to prophets of God.


Dt 19-Cities of refuge for manslayer. Don’t move someone’s landmark. Capital punishment for murder-must have 2 witnesses-no pity. No evil.


Dt 20-War-priest address troops-no fear. Commander- dismiss some. 1st offer peace-far away. If close-engage to death. Don’t cut fruit trees.


Dt 21-Ritual for unsolved murder. Beautiful captive woman? Unloved wife? Defiant son? Don’t let body of condemned murderer hang overnight.


Dt 22-Lost/fallen animal-help. Shoo mother bird when taking eggs from nest. Apparel of own sex. Fringes on garment. Laws re: virginity.


Dt 23-Who’s out-don’t marry father’s ex/crushed testes/bastard cult prostitute. Clean up own poop. Keep vows. Ok eat vineyard if pass thru.


Dt 24-Respect when divorce. Don’t take handmill as pledge. No kidnap. Respect when collecting on loan. Pay wages on day owed. Leave sheaves.


Dt 25-Don’t muzzle ox threshing. Levirate marriage. Fight- if woman touches enemy’s genitals. Must have honest weights. Remember Amalek.


Dt 26-Bring first-fruits-recite formula. Enjoy with Levite. Tithe-share with widow, orphan, stranger, Walk in God’s ways. Be holy people.


Dt 27-Set up altar of stones. Many curses for disobedience-make images/curse parents/subverts rights of needy/unlawful sexual relations.

Dt 28-Blessings-food/fertility/military success. More curses-no food/physical illness/eat own children/no peace/destroyed and scattered.


Dt 29-Miracles that brought you to this place. Entire community gathered. Covenant with all&future generations. Punishment if disobey terms.


Dt 30-If you stray God will forgive you. Obedience not so hard- not in heaven or beyond the sea. Close to you- your choice-life or death.


Dt 31-Moses age 120. Joshua lead them in to land. God with you/don’t fear. Moses wrote down Teaching-read in 7th yr on Sukkot. Wrote poem.


Dt 32-Moses’ final poem-praise God’s glory, remember past &God’s caring oversight. God’s anger@ingratitude. Moses ascends Mt. Nebo to die.


Dt 33-Moses’ final blessing to tribes. Moses described as “man of God.” Moses gave Teaching to people-inheritance of congregation of Jacob.

Dt 34-Moses sees Promised Land- can’t go there. Dies age 120-none know burial place. 30 days’ mourning. Joshua has wisdom. None like Moses.

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