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Twitter Torah- Deuteronomy

Updated: Dec 9, 2023


Dt 1-Moses final address begins: reviews journey/asks God’s blessing on Israel/complaining/delegated leadership/spies/Joshua&Caleb survive.

Dt 2-Into wilderness thru Sea of Reeds. Many battles along way-38 years. Warriors die off. Other nations in dread and fear of Israelites.

Dt 3-More winning battles reviewed. Joshua told-do not fear, God with you. Moses asks again to enter land. God-no, don’t bring it up again!

Dt 4-Keep laws/don’t add or subtract. Other nations will admire you. Be careful of negative influence when enter land-you will be punished.

Dt 5-Covenant made with this/future generations. Ten Commandments given to Moses-repeated. Be careful to do exactly as instructed by God.

Dt 6-“Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echad- Hear O Israel, YHWH is your God, YHWH is One.” Teach kids/Phylacteries/Doorposts-Mezuzah

Dt 7-Don’t intermarry with the 7 nations-will lead to idolatry. God will be angry. Destroy their places of worship. Small nation-be holy.

Dt 8-40 yrs. in wilderness-no hunger-“Man does not live by bread alone.” Coming to land of 7 species. Lots of food- eat and give thanks.

Dt 9-God dispossessing inhabitants- their sin, not your righteousness. Reminder of people’s many rebellions. Golden calf/tablets destroyed.

Dt 10-Two new tablets. Moses on mt. 40 days. God great-no bribery-care for orphan/widow/stranger. Be in awe of, follow, and serve only God.

Dt 11-Remember miracles in wilderness. Obey commandments & enjoy blessings- rain-food/wine/oil. Others awe of you. Choice-blessing or curse.

Dt 12-Destroy idolatrous sites in land. Centralize sacrifice. Kosher animals-no blood! Do what is good & right in God’s sight. No idolatry.

Dt 13-Don’t believe prophet who says worship other gods. No evil. Capital punishment-no mercy, even for relative. Destroy idolatrous town.

Dt 14-Don’t desecrate body for dead. Reminder of kosher criteria. Bring tithe or monetary equivalent-feast/rejoice. Take care of Levite.

Dt 15-7th yr. no debts. Care for needy-open hand to poor. Care for Hebrew slave when done with service. Pierce ear if they want to stay.

Dt 16-Passover-no leaven. 7 weeks-Feast of Weeks. Feast of Booths. Pilgrimage 3x year. Cops and judges-“Justice, justice shall you pursue”.

Dt 17-Investigate idolatry-death penalty. Burn out evil from your midst. Rules for kings-must have own copy of Torah and observe its laws.

Dt 18-Levites no territory-portion of offering. No child sacrifice. Don’t consult ghosts, be a soothsayer, etc. Listen to prophets of God.

Dt 19-Cities of refuge for manslayer. Don’t move someone’s landmark. Capital punishment for murder-must have 2 witnesses-no pity. No evil.

Dt 20-War-priest address troops-no fear. Commander- dismiss some. 1st offer peace-far away. If close-engage to death. Don’t cut fruit trees.

Dt 21-Ritual for unsolved murder. Beautiful captive woman? Unloved wife? Defiant son? Don’t let body of condemned murderer hang overnight.

Dt 22-Lost/fallen animal-help. Shoo mother bird when taking eggs from nest. Apparel of own sex. Fringes on garment. Laws re: virginity.

Dt 23-Who’s out?-don’t marry father’s ex/crushed testes/bastard cult prostitute. Clean up own poop. Keep vows. Ok eat vineyard if pass thru.

Dt 24-Respect when divorce. Don’t take handmill as pledge. No kidnap. Respect when collecting on loan. Pay wages on day owed. Leave sheaves.

Dt 25-Don’t muzzle ox threshing. Levirate marriage. Fight- if woman touches enemy’s genitals. Must have honest weights. Remember Amalek.

Dt 26-Bring first-fruits-recite formula. Enjoy with Levite. Tithe-share with widow, orphan, stranger, Walk in God’s ways. Be holy people.

Dt 27-Set up altar of stones. Many curses for disobedience-make images/curse parents/subverts rights of needy/unlawful sexual relations.

Dt 28-Blessings-food/fertility/military success. More curses-no food/physical illness/eat own children/no peace/destroyed and scattered.

Dt 29-Miracles that brought you to this place. Entire community gathered. Covenant with all&future generations. Punishment if disobey terms.

Dt 30-If you stray God will forgive you. Obedience not so hard- not in heaven or beyond the sea. Close to you- your choice-life or death.

Dt 31-Moses age 120. Joshua lead them in to land. God with you/don’t fear. Moses wrote down Teaching-read in 7th yr on Sukkot. Wrote poem.

Dt 32-Moses’ final poem-praise God’s glory, remember past &God’s caring oversight. God’s anger@ingratitude. Moses ascends Mt. Nebo to die.

Dt 33-Moses’ final blessing to tribes. Moses described as “man of God.” Moses gave Teaching to people-inheritance of congregation of Jacob.

Dt 34-Moses sees Promised Land- can’t go there. Dies age 120-none know burial place. 30 days’ mourning. Joshua has wisdom. None like Moses.

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