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Twitter Torah- Exodus

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Ex 1-New king doesn’t remember Joseph. Threatened by Israelites. Decrees kill male kids. Midwives Shifra/Puah disobey his order. Heroic.

Ex 2-Moses’ mother hides him. Miriam helps. Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grows, kills man beating Hebrew slave. Flees to Midian.

Ex 3-Moses notices burning bush. God tells him to free Israelites. God’s name revealed- “I will be what I will be.” Ehyeh asher ehyeh.

Ex 4-Moses says no. God insists-gives him signs+ take brother Aaron. Father-in-law says go. Wife Tzippora circumcises Moses. People believe.

Ex 5-Pharaoh refuses request to leave for ceremony. Makes lives harder for slaves-bricks without straw. Israelites angry at Moses and Aaron.

Ex 6-God revealed as YHWH. God remembers covenant and promises deliverance. Moses still reluctant- claims not to speak well enough.

Ex 7- Moses/Aaron perform signs. Magicians do same. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. 1st plague- Nile turned to blood. Announce 2d plagues-frogs.

Ex 8- 3d-lice. Pharaoh still says no. 4th-insects. None in Goshen with Israelites. Pharaoh says go, then says no again when insects gone.

Ex 9-5th-cattle disease. Not Israelites. 6th-boils. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. 7th-hail. Pharaoh begs for relief. Hail stops, says no.

Ex 10-Advisors- let them go! 8th-locusts eat everything. Go/don’t go. 9th-darkness. God hardens Pharaoh’s heart; dismisses Moses last time.

Ex 11- Final plague coming-death of 1st born. Israelites to borrow gold and silver from Egyptians before exodus. Egyptians in awe of Moses.

Ex 12-Mark doorposts with lamb’s blood. Eat in haste. 7 days of Passover-no leavened bread. First born die. Pharaoh says, “Go.” Freedom.

Ex 13-Remember exodus. Sign on hand, frontlets between eyes. Firstborns dedicated to God. God leads-Pillar of cloud by day, fire at night.

Ex 14-Egyptians pursue, Israelites scared. Moses extends arm-waters of Red Sea part. Israelites escape. Pharaoh and his chariots drown.

Ex 15-Moses and Israelites sing of victory. Miriam leads women with timbrel in song/dance. People complain of bitter water. Moses/God fix.

Ex 16-People complain, miss Egypt food. God sends quail and manna. Taste like coriander. Don’t collect manna on 7th day. Manna for 40 years.

Ex 17-People complain no water. Moses angry. He hits rock and brings forth water. Amalek attacks. Aaron and Hur hold Moses’ arms up-victory.

Ex 18-Father-in-law Jethro brings Moses wife/sons. Tells him to delegate leadership/judgment-can’t do it all himself. Moses does so.

Ex 19-3 months later people at Sinai. Get ready-be pure. People agree to do God’s will. Mountain ablaze, only Aaron and Moses to approach.

Ex 20-10 commandments-1 God/idols/name in vain/Sabbath/honor/parents/no-murder, steal, adultery, false witness/covet. Thunder/lightening.

Ex 21-More laws-slavery/murder vs. manslaughter/kidnapping/strike or curse parent/cause miscarriage/an eye for an eye/goring ox/open pit.

Ex 22-More laws-borrowing/seduction/sorcery/bestiality/don’t oppress stranger, widow, orphan- be holy! Don’t eat animal torn by wild beasts.

Ex 23-More laws- no rumors/help enemy’s animal/no bribes/no oppress stranger/7th year land rest/Sabbath/3 festivals/no kid in mother’s milk.

Ex 24-People- “All that God has commanded we will do.” 12 pillars for 12 tribes. Moses goes to top of mountain for 40 days and nights.

Ex 25-God-gather materials for sanctuary from volunteers. God- “that I may dwell among them.” Instructions for ark and all the materials.

Ex 26-More construction materials. Gold/silver/copper/acacia wood, blue, purple, crimson thread. Build Holy of Holies and furnishings.

Ex 27-Build altar and tent per revealed design. Aaron and his sons to set up olive oil lamp- should burn from morning to evening daily.

Ex 28-Vestments for priests-Aaron and his 4 sons. Breastplate includes Urim and Thumim. Bells/pomegranates around hem. “Holy to God.”

Ex 29-Sacrifices to ordain Aaron and his 4 sons. Anoint them with blood on ridge of right ear, thumb of right hand, big toe of right foot.

Ex 30-Altar for incense, offer daily. Each Israelite pay ½ shekel. Make special anointing oil only for this purpose. Recipe for oil/incense.

Ex 31-Bezalel in charge of construction. Must rest on 7th day, Sabbath, reminder of creation, no work. Tablets written by finger of God.

Ex 32-People impatient-Aaron suggest golden calf. God wants to destroy people. Moses intercedes, angry, breaks tablets. 3000 die in plague.

Ex 33-Israelites stiff-necked. God and Moses@Tent of Meeting. Joshua appears. Moses asks to meet God face to face. Can only see God’s back.

Ex 34-2 new tablets. God’s 13 attributes. Covenant-promise of land. Laws repeated. Moses on mountain 40 days.- when returns his face shines.

Ex 35-Reminder-Sabbath-no work/no fire. Skilled volunteers to build sanctuary and priestly vestments under direction of Bezalel and Oholiab.

Ex 36-Many gifts brought for project.-“The people are bringing more than enough! Stop!” Construction proceeds with many skilled artisans.

Ex 37-Ark and cherubim/Table/Utensils/Lamp-6 branches./Incense altar/Poles. Acacia wood overlaid with gold. Oil and incense blended.Ex 38-Altar for burnt offerings/utensils. Copper basin/Wall hangings. Moses orders and conducts an accounting of the donated materials.

Ex 39-Priestly vestments completed. Hem-pomegranate/bell. Work completed per God’s instructions to Moses. Moses sees and blesses the people.

Ex 40-Tabernacle/Tent assembled. Priests anointed. Cloud covers tent. Israelites travel when the cloud lifts. Fire replaces cloud at night.

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