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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Gn 1-God creates world. Light, sky, land, plants, animals. Humans in God’s image- be fertile and increase. Six days. God says it is good.

Gn 2-God rests. Not good for man to be alone. Woman formed from his rib. Don’t eat fruit of tree of knowledge of good/evil or you will die.

Gn 3-Serpent tempts woman to eat. She eats/man eats. Punishment- serpent crawl, woman pain in birth, man must work. Leave Garden of Eden.

Gn 4- Cain and Abel born. Abel’s sacrifice accepted/not Cain’s. Cain kills Abel. God asks, “Where is he?” “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Gn 5-Lots of people born. Methusaleh lives to 969- oldest in Bible. Noah is born and has 3 sons- Shem, Ham, Japeth. He is 500 years old.

Gn 6-God sees human evil. Will destroy humanity, except for Noah who is righteous in his generation/walks with God. Noah told to build ark.

Gn 7-Noah-take 7 pair of clean animals/2 pr of unclean onto ark. Forty days and nights of rain. Everything dies except Noah and family.

Gn 8-Flood waters recede. Noah sends raven/dove. Dove finds dry land. Family/animals exit ark. Sacrifices made. God commits not to destroy.

Gn 9- Permission to eat animals. Rainbow sign of covenant. Capital punishment for murder. First vineyard-Noah gets drunk. Noah dies at 950.

Gn 10-Lots more people born to Noah’s descendants, Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Nimrod and Canaan among them. Humanity expands geographically.

Gn 11-People begin building Tower of Babel. God gives each a different language to confound process. Terach and his son Avram are born.

Gn 12-God tells Avram and Sarai to leave home and become a blessing to the world. Avram lies to Pharoah, claiming his wife is his sister.

Gn 13-Avram and his nephew Lot separate. Lot goes to Sodom, a wicked place. God promises the land to Avram and his numerous descendants.

Gn 14-Lot is captured in war. Avram does battle with 5 kings. Melchizedek blesses Avram. Avram refuses any spoils of battle, only captives.

Gn 15- God blesses Avram. Avram wants a child. God promises numerous offspring. Avram sees a vision of future enslavement of the people.

Gn 16-Sarai offers Hagar as consort with Avram. Tension ensues. Hagar runs away, sees vision, returns. Ishmael born and promised a nation.

Gn 17-Name change- Avram/Avraham, Sarai/Sarah. Covenant with God reiterated, circumcision at 8 days old to be the sign. Avram is 99.

Gn 18-Avraham/Sarah greet 3 guests who announce coming birth of a child. God tells A. God will destroy Sodom. A. challenges God’s justice.

Gn 19-2 Angels arrive Sodom. Lot shelters them. City to be destroyed; family flees. Lot’s wife looks back, turns to pillar of salt.

Gn 20-Meeting King Avimelech, Abraham claims that Sarah is his sister (again). Avimelech finds out and sends them off with lots of stuff.

Gn 21-Isaac is born. Conflict with Hagar and Ishmael. They are sent away God hears his cry and promises to make Ishmael a great nation.

Gn 22-God calls on Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham says, “Here I am.” Isaac is saved and Abraham is blessed. Ram sacrificed instead.

Gn 23-Sarah dies at 127. Abraham negotiates to buy burial place- cave of Machpelah in the field of Ephron the Hittite. Sarah buried there.

Gn 24-Abraham sends servant Eliezer to find wife for Isaac. He identifies Rebekah for her kindness. She and her family agree and they marry.

Gn 25-Abraham marries Keturah-6 sons. Abraham dies at 175-buried. Isaac blessed. Ishmael dies at 137. Rebekah gives birth twins Esau/Jacob.

Gn 26-Isaac claims Rebekah as his sister. Avimelech finds out, protects them. God appears, blesses family. Esau marries 2 women at age 40.

Gn 27-Isaac old. Wants to bless Esau. Rebekah and Jacob deceive him. Isaac blesses Jacob. Esau hurt and angry. Jacob forced to flee.

Gn 28-Jacob has vision of ladder to heaven. Awesome. God is in this place. Blessed-I will be with you. Sets up pillar, names place Bethel.

Gn 29-Jacob mts Rachel, love. Works 7 years for her hand. Uncle Laban marries him to Leah. Jacob upset. Rachel infertile. Leah has 4 sons.

Gn 30-Rachel gives Jacob concubines Bilha/Zilpa. More sons. 1 daughter. Rachel bears Joseph. Family to return home. Jacob accumulates flock.

Gn 31-Family flees. Rachel steals and hides household gods. Laban pursues-wants family and flocks back. Accusations made, then peace treaty.

Gn 32-Jacob/Esau reunion. Jacob divides camp, sends gifts, prays. Jacob wrestles angel-name changed to Israel/wrestle with God. Jacob limps.

Gn 33-Jacob and Esau reunited/kiss. Jacob offers gifts. Esau offers to travel together. Jacob declines- women/children/flocks too slow.

Gn 34-Shechem wants Jacob’s daughter Dinah-forces her. Her brothers agree if all their men circumcised. During recovery, brothers slay men.

Gn 35-God tells Jacob go to Bethel- gives him blessing. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin on road to Bethlehem. Jacob/Esau bury Isaac.

Gn 36-Family line of Esau-Edomites, Horites. Separates from Jacob-too numerous for land together. 11 clans named and places of settlement.

Gn 37-Jacob favors Joseph-special coat. Joseph shares dreams with brothers. In anger they sell him to Midianites. Jacob thinks him dead.

Gn 38-Tamar young widow. Denied marriage to husband’s brother. Tamar has sex with Judah. Pregnant. Accused of harlotry yet child is his.

Gn 39-Joseph in Egypt in home of Potiphar. Trusted servant. Wife falsely accuses him of rape. Joseph thrown in prison. Joseph put in charge.

Gn 40-Joseph accurately interprets dreams of cupbearer and baker. Baker killed. Cupbearer restored to court. He forgets Joseph when back.

Gn 41-Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams-cows/sheaves. 7 of plenty, then famine. Joseph in charge. Joseph marries-2 kids. Ephraim/Manashe.

Gn 42-Jacob sends sons to Egypt for food. Joseph recognizes them. They don’t know him. Joseph entertains/tests brothers. Asks for Benjamin.

Gn 43-Famine. Brothers to Egypt with Benjamin. Judah responsible. Joseph seats them in birth order-brothers shocked. Joseph asks about dad.

Gn 44-Joseph plants cup in Benjamin’s bag. Accuses him of theft. Judah stands up for Benjamin, explains concerns for Jacob’s well-being.

Gn 45-Joseph reveals identity- asks about Jacob. Invites family to come to Egypt due to famine. Jacob learns Joseph is alive-heads to Egypt.

Gn 46-God appears to Jacob on journey- “Okay, go!” 70 members of the family arrive. Meet Pharoah-family business, shepherds. Settle Goshen.

Gn 47-Jacob meets Pharoah- whines. Famine everywhere. Egypt grows rich as source of food. 17 years pass. Jacob wants to be buried in Canaan.

Gn 48- Jacob ill and dying, blesses Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Menashe. Promises they will leave Egypt and return home, with God’s help.

Gn 49-Jacob calls sons together-tells each one their fate/blessing. 12 tribes. Requests burial with ancestors, cave of Machpelah. He dies.

Gn 50-Family goes home to bury Jacob. Joseph forgives brothers for selling him in to slavery. Joseph dies at 110, also wants burial at home.

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