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Twitter Torah- Numbers

Updated: Dec 9, 2023


Nu 1-Census of tribes-males age 20+ All who can bear arms. Not Levites-in charge of Tabernacle. Each tribe camps together with own flag.

Nu 2-Tribal organization-north, south, east, west. Number of members for each tribe listed. As they camp, so shall they march, by clan.

Nu 3-Genealogy of Aaron/Moses. Tribe of Levi to assist priests. Levites dedicated to God in place of first-borns. 5 shekels per first-born.

Nu 4-Levites serve age 30-50. 3 clans identifited- Kohathites, Gershonites, Merarites. Work responsibilities assigned to each clan.

Nu 5-Repeat re: discharges. Wrong to others=break faith with God. Make restitution. Ritual for woman suspected of adultery. “Sotah”

Nu 6-Rules re: Nazirite-vow no wine, etc/no haircut. Aaron bless people-God watch over/God’s face shine upon-grace/God’s face lifted-peace.

Nu 7-Dedication of Tabernacle. Each tribe brings same offering-each one mentioned individually. Moses hears voice of God from above the ark.

Nu 8-Gold lamp with 7 branches. Dedication ceremony for Levites. Serve ages 25-50 in place of first-borns. Can help after that-not work.

Nu 9-Passover sacrifice prescribed. If unclean, can do it next month. Strangers participate. Follow on journey-cloud by day/fire at night.

Nu 10-Silver trumpets-various calls described. Order of march by tribe. Moses’ father-in-law departs. Ark precedes people-“Enemies scatter.”

Nu 11-People complain re: food. God angry/Moses upset. Eat quail for 30 days. Eldad/Medad prophesying. People concerned. Moses not jealous.

Nu 12-Aaron/Miriam talk against Moses’ Cushite wife. God reprimands. Miriam punished with scales. Moses prays for her-healed. 7 day punish.

Nu 13-12 spies sent to scout land-40 days. 10 say no attack-looked like grasshoppers to selves/so must have to them. Caleb/Joshua dissent.

Nu 14-People say want to die in desert. God ready to comply. Moses begs for forgiveness for them. Okay, but 40 years of wandering decreed.

Nu 15-More on sacrifices. One law for native and stranger. Death penalty for Sabbath violator. Commandment re: tzitzit/fringes on garment.

Nu 16-Korach incites rebellion. Decide- stand with Korach’s 250 people or Moses? Korach and supporters swallowed up by earth-hand of God.

Nu 17-More rebels- God wants to destroy people. Anger abated-14,700 die. Moses authority demonstrated by miraculous sprouting of his staff.

Nu 18-Aaron and sons in charge of sanctuary. Levites to assist. Offerings for all assigned. Tithe established-1/10th of gifts to Levites.

Nu 19-Mysterious ritual of red cow established. Ashes used for cleansing. Used for purification of anyone who has contact with the deceased.

Nu 20-Miriam dies. People complain-no water. Moses hits rocks, calls people rebels. Moses punished-no enter land. Aaron dies-mourn 30 days.

Nu 21-More whining-many die of serpent bites sent by God. Moses makes copper serpent for healing. More war-Israelites triumph in battles.

Nu 22-Balak hires Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam reluctant but ultimately persuaded. Talking ass tries to stop him. Angel tells Balaam-go.

Nu 23-Balak and Balaam try to curse Israel. Instead of curses, God puts words of blessing in his mouth. Balak- “No curse/no bless- shut up.”

Nu 24-Balaam’s words of blessing-“Ma Tovu-how goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel.” Balak and Balaam head home.

Nu 25-Israelite men with Moabite women. Leaders killed. Zimr/Cosbi public. Pinchas zealous-stabs both. Receives pact of shalom/priesthood.

Nu 26-Plague ends. Census of men age 20+ Each tribe allotted portion of land. Total 601,730. No land for 23,000 Levites. All die in desert.

Nu 27-Daughters of Tzlophchad petition Moses for land-no sons/unfair. Moses unsure. God tells Moses yes. Joshua appointed to succeed Moses.

Nu 28-Reminder of all regular sacrificial offerings-daily/Shabbat/new moon/Passover- also-unleavened bread 7 days/Feast of Weeks=Shavuot.

Nu 29-Holiday offerings continued-New Year=Rosh HaShanah/Day of Atonement=Yom Kippur/Booths=Sukkot/8th Day of Assembly=Shemini Atzeret

Nu 30-Rules re: making vows. Man’s vows stand on own. Women’s father/husband must approve when he finds out, unless she is divorced/widowed.

Nu 31-Military campaign against the Midianites. Women/children/animals/stuff= booty. Troops undergo purification. Stuff inventoried/shared.

Nu 32-Gad&Reuben request to stay on other side of Jordan. Okay if leave families and flocks/fight with rest of Israel in conquest of land.

Nu 33-Geography of journey listed. Aaron ascends Mt. Hor and dies at age 133. People warned to dispossess inhabitants of land in conquest.

Nu 34-Boundaries of promised land described. Clan chiefs named for division of land. 2 ½ tribes on other side of Jordan, 9 ½ in Canaan.

Nu 35-Assign 6 towns to Levites-serve as cities of refuge for manslayers. Capital punishment for intentional murder-blood pollutes the land.

Nu 36-Daughters of Tzlophchad may keep land if marry within clans in their tribe- keep land in tribe. They do so. Israelites at Jericho.

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